About me!


I am a ceramic artist, potter and fine arts artist. I actually have many professions under one of my sleeves!

Surgical Tech., Pattern-maker, secretary, mural painter, mother, wife, and even household cleaner! Though i've done and do many of the above till today, my heart is in the arts. I always wanted to be an artist, even a medical illustrator! but all the art stuff was put on the shelf till it was time. and that time was when i'd been married and my son was born that i could go after my hearts desire!


I was introduced to ceramics in high school actually, and i even have my first vase stuck on one of my shelves in the studio. In 2003 I was accepted into an arts instructor course and since then, most of what i am doing today is history!


I'm pretty much self made in the world of ceramics, Years of courses in wheel production and glazing, I've slowly and continue forward creating and growing in my expression of art through the ceramic medium.


Painting is my passion, whether it is real life portraits or the spontaneous outbursts on a handmade pottery vase, or platter. I love flowers, I love color, and i love the effect of the two on the ceramics i produce in the pottery studio.


I hope you will enjoy and want to experience my pottery!